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Michele Stollard

Yoga Instructor

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After having a personal practice for over 10 years, Michele decided she wanted to deepen her practice and learn to share the benefits of Yoga with others.

Michele completed her 200 hour RYT training in May of 2015 from The Yoga Training Center with Laurel Hodory and Faculty. Her styles include Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga.

When she’s not on her mat, she can be found spending time with her husband, two sons and their dog.

Tomi Dorris

Yoga Instructor

After a career of serving her community as a police officer, assistant prosecuting attorney, director of the state police training academy, and chief counsel to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Tomi Dorris retired from public service and has been pursuing her other passion ever since – physical fitness.  

Tomi recently became a Level 1 trained yoga instructor after participating in yoga classes for the past five plus years.  

In her spare time, Tomi can be found on her hobby farm growing her garden and being surrogate mom to 16 chickens, four cats, and one dog.  Tomi can be found most days on one of the ellipticals or bikes at the Circleville YMCA when she isn’t outside running, biking, or kayaking.

Jeanne Ames

Kickboxing Instructor

Jeanne Ames is a wife, mother of two boys, a teacher and a college student.

Jeanne has been kickboxing for eight years. She has earned a purple sash in Shaolin Iron Tiger Kung Fu.

In Jeanne’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and getting a good workout in.

Colleen C

I love this place even more! I have been participating in the Yoga class since it started and I absolutely love it! Class sizes are small and the instructor does a great job of presenting modifications that allow participants to adjust all poses to their own level. If I didn’t live almost 25 miles away, I would definitely be trying out and attending more of the classes offered at Applied Therapies! My rating has gone from a 5 to a 5++.

Lesley M

I’ve been going for massages monthly for years, always great service! Started yoga and stretch classes, the instructors are awesome. Have gotten my sons to come also and we love the classes!!


Beginner’s Yoga:

Nice & easy introduction to Yoga! Will focus on foundation and breaking down poses. 
Perfect for those of you interested in learning what Yoga is all about!

Please bring your own mat and water!

Hot Yoga:

For those looking to step up their yoga practice (or who are tired of being cold) – flowing in a slightly heated room allows for deeper stretches, increased circulation and purification of the muscles.

This 45 minute flow class will leave you feeling detoxed and invigorated.

Please bring a towel and water!


Yoga Flow: Level 1 class which focuses on linking breath to movement while learning to quiet the mind for a mental vacation.

Appropriate for beginners through advanced yogis.

Please bring a mat!

Cardio Kickboxing:

Cardio Kickboxing is a full body cardio and strength training workout with a core focus.  It is an excellent way to burn calories and fat, tone your body, build endurance, and relieve stress.

We will start our one hour kickboxing class with a warm up and jump straight into cardio, working the left, then right sides of the body.  We will work with partners using focus mitts and gloves and end the class with some floor work and cool down.

Bring Gloves and/or Mitts if you have them.  We do have several pairs available to use as well.

Bring water and a positive attitude!

Instructor:  Jeanne Ames


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