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Massage Services

Swedish/Relaxation Massage  1 Hr  $50          30 Min. $30

Aims to relieve tension, improve circulation, and increase range of motion.  It's designed to relax the entire body using long, gliding strokes.    

Sports Massage   1 Hr $55          30 Min. $35

It's great for those with active lifestyles!  Sports Massage uses a variety of massage techniques to enhance sports performance and recuperation.  

Deep Tissue Massage   1 Hr $60          30 Min. $35

Designed to remove severe tension, helps to improve range of motion and heal injuries below the surface.  Deep tissue massage is a more intense technique used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface.   

Trigger Point Therapy   1 Hr  $60     30 Min. $35

Deep sustained pressure is used to reduce muscle spasms, release the soft tissue dysfunction, and allow increased blood flow to the area of concern. Benefits include: releasing the contracted muscle tissue, increasing range of motion and decreasing pain.

Myofascial Release     1 Hr  $60     30 Min. $35

Fascia can get tight by trauma, inflammatory responses and surgery. Myofascial release technique involves applying gentle sustained pressure to the connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

Prenatal Massage    1 Hr  $55          30 Min. $35

Great for the expectant Mother!  Designed to reduce stress, decrease swelling, relieve aches and pains and simply make you feel better!  

Chair Massage    30 Min. $30

Performed in a specially designed chair, a Chair massage is excellent for relaxation and, depending on the technique(s) used, may serve as a quick means of addressing your body's concerns.  

Hot Stone Massage   30 Min. $45     1 Hr $65          90 Min. $85

Water treated stones are placed at specific sites on the clients body to promote relaxation, and remove deep muscle tension.

Bamboo Massage  60 Min.  $60    90 Min.  $80

Bamboo Massage incorporates warm bamboo canes to provide more effective deep tissue work.  This technique provides a deep sense of relaxation, and the positive effects are long lasting.

Steam Therapy    15 Min. $20       20 Min. $25      30 Min.  $35

A powerful detoxifying treatment, the Steamy Wonder helps open circulatory channels, allowing toxins to be eliminated through the sweat glands.  Enveloped in the warmth of our tented massage table, this steam bath will relax your body and  release tension and muscle soreness. 

Add-On Services - (a la Carte Menu) ~ Add to any Massage Session or Gift Certificate

Ice Massage   10 Min  $10

Ice is used to numb and reduce inflammation in the area of an acute injury.

Abdominal Massage  15 Min. $15

Reduces pain; improve your digestion, eliminate toxins, and end constipation

Hot Stones   15 Min.  $15

Relax as moist heat melts away the tension in your back.

Steam Therapy  15 Min.  $15

Can be added before or after your massage session to relax the muscles and sweat out the toxins.

Bamboo Massage   $5.00 

Add Bamboo to your massage, cost is per area.

Kinesiology Taping  $6 - $10 per application


 **7.25% Tax Not Included in Pricing

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